#7daysofbuttons My Hero Academia UA button

See the Pen UA Button by Brian Best (@brianbest) on CodePen.5308

For today I wanted to create my own icon from “scratch”, at least make the vector all on my own. You may not know this about me but I am a huge anime fan so to satisfy some catharsis, I went out to Google and found the UA logo from the anime My Hero Academia, then I traced it in Sketch. The logo is really simple so as a beginning to building my own vectors this was easy to do. I made two logos, one with a gradient the other just the lines and a white fill. When you hover over it with a mouse I hide the line version, which is on top, to show the filled one beneath. then for added flair, I have the words Plus Ultra coming out the top, a mantra from the show. It basically means to give a 110%;

Go Beyond,
Plus Ultra.