Coding Music: p l a y s t a t i o n w a v e

Some new coding music that I’m listing to.

So heres the deal I have a lot of music that I find or gets send to me that is just solid coding music. Typically they are long sets ( > 30 mins ) and they are just great lists to loose yourself in a state of flow if you are anything like me.

My interests typically lead me to gaming or anime inspired music across all genres.

p l a y s t a t i o n w a v e is a set I’ve had on the background on repeat now for the past 2 days. Sporting a chilled out remix of some classic PlayStation tracks from Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and many more. I’d say the first 10 mins are solid tunes to loose your self to, however I find myself looking to skip tracks near the end of the set.

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