Further Reading

This past week I gave a presentation at Sheridan College were I talked to the students of the Interactive Multimedia Managment (IMM) program. We talked about how they should best utilize their remaining time left in school to get better jobs, and to start their own companies. If you are one of those students reading […]

Moving Background with Polygon

This has been something I wanted to do for a loooooong time. Ever since I saw @wearejam3 make some cool sites with it in them years ago. Angled divs. They look amazingly cool! I’ve never really made one before that was used to section off to different spots but I was inspired by @richardcodes who […]

Bouncing logo reveal

I accidentally found this neat idea when I was playing around with my bouncing switches idea inspired by @sasha.codes. Making white squares that bounce up when you hover over them kinda have this cool effect of the webpage coming alive in some way. I showed Elva this and she suggested coloring in a logo or […]

Bouncing Switches

Today I wanted to do a little CSS of my own after work. I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram and I was checking out one of my followers @uncognition and he gave a shout out to @sasha.codes in his story. Anyway, Sasha is, from what I gather, a designer in the bay area and […]

#7daysofbuttons Milk bar bakery button

In all seriousness, I think if I was born in another time before computers I’d probably be a chef. Last night Elva and I watched the first episode of the new season of Chef’s Table. I love this show. The first episode is about a chef named Christina Tosi and It’s a powerful first episode. […]