#7daysOfButtons Heart Button – diving in on SVG animations

This was perhaps one of the hardest buttons I’ve ever made myself code. I wanted to push myself and make something I’ve never made before. So my inspiration was the “like” button in Facebook Messenger, the one that grows the longer you hold it. The other button that inspired me was the Medium clap button where for the longer you hold the button the bigger the value the claps become. So this is my heart the longer you press it

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Levels of expertise in JavaScript – Are you ready for the tutorial?

The following blog is apart of my growing list of guides for teachers and students of online tutorials in web technology. To help judge what a tutorial expects of the reader to know before taking. This time we’re talking about JavaScript, but check out my other guides for HTML and CSS. JS is a big one, growth in it has just exploded in the past ten years. What used to be a system for adding a sprinkling of logic to

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How jQuery Selectors Work With document.append() – jQuery To Vanilla JS

Coding screen

A week ago I attended FITC’s Web Unleashed, a conference for front-end developers. There I participated in a talk by Luke DeWitt titled “A Very Public and Overdue Funeral for jQuery.” Luke described all the ways that web development has grown out of jQuery. Standards are so much better now then they were in 2006. For example: We don’t need the jQuery selector because we have querySelector(). We don’t need $.class() anymore because we have classList() We don’t need $.data() anymore because we have dataset() These are all

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